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Formal Garden: axes

“No phase of designing adds more to the charm of small properties and to the illusion of space than the skillful use of perspective.  Perspective is a broad and more or less technical term, which for our purposes can be … Continue reading

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restoration or design?

Did Annette Hoyt Flanders design the Morven gardens, or restore them?  This has been an ongoing question in my research, and the answer largely depends on historic perspective.  Many of the “restoration” projects undertaken by Arthur Shurcliff and Alden Hopkin … Continue reading

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definitions: formal garden and cutting garden

My research on the Morven gardens focuses on the formal garden and cutting garden, designed by Annette Hoyt Flanders in 1930.  Because designers, theorists, historians, gardeners, etc might all use these terms differently, I would like to explain how I … Continue reading

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Spring at Morven

We had a warm February and the bulbs are coming up at Morven.  I had a very productive site visit today – look for a few longer updates over the next few days!

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House and Garden Hall of Fame

The 1933 House and Garden Hall of Fame features six female landscape architects: Agnes Selkirk Clark, Louise Payson, Rose Greely, Romney Spring, Ellen Shipman, and Annette Hoyt Flanders.  The section on Annette Hoyt Flanders reads, “Mrs Flanders: For her broad … Continue reading

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Color, Simplicity, Economy and Site in the Annette Hoyt Flanders Garden

The set of cutting garden diagrams generated this fall were inspired by my interest in Flanders’ educational background.  Since Flanders had an undergraduate degree in botany, and had gone on to study landscape architecture and architecture (and even civil engineering!) … Continue reading

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seasonal color

My fall 2010 research focused on the seasonal color present in the Cutting Garden.  Working from Annette Hoyt Flanders’ planting plan, diagrams representing the four seasons and foliage colors were generated.         This set of diagrams demonstrates … Continue reading

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